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AUTHOR BIO TRACY ANE BROOKS Born in Michigan and raised in Colorado Tracy grew up exploring the mountains, canyons and forests with her malamute dogs outside of Boulder. Evolving a deep connection and love for nature that would inevitably provide a great foundation for a life of experiences working with captive grey wolves and horses. . PERSONAITY/POSITIVEATRIBUTES--- Tracy is one of those unique people that possess an instinctual understanding and connection to many animals. She has raised many wolf pups and a few horse babies and is a respected member of standing in different wolf packs and horse herds. She is a natural alpha to the wolves and to the horses she works with and has developed a mimicry technique several years she has used on several wolves and horses with amazing results. Tracy has had the privilege to meet, work with and study many of today’s top horsemen and women and has gained something positive from each one of them which has served to enhance her natural ability to work with these animals. Tracy credits the wolves and horses that have been in her life for being the greatest of all her “teachers or professors”. She has a strong ability to bring through their teachings for others to learn from and plans to bring these teaching through writing, painting & photography WOLFPROGRAM------ Mission: Wolf has provided many grey wolves life time homes and presented public educational programs across the U.S. Tracy has assisted many wolves in making comfortable appearances in the public and many media from the NBC Today Show to Mr Rogers Neighborhood. To schools museums, libraries, nature centers and more. Tracy has been able to reassure and lead the Ambassador Wolves across hundreds of stages that most people would be intimidated to cross themselves. Tracy has had considerable success handling wolves She has very successfully combined many techniques used to communicate and train horses with dog training techniques and bring them to the wolves. learned early on to use her instincts and intuition to guide her in presenting many captive grey wolves in public as part of an educational outreach. People of all ages have experienced a Mission: Wolf ambassador wolf program. It was then her life path changed focus away from odd jobs at movie theaters and retail to pursuing art to learning how to handle and work positively with wolves and presenting them in public. Many people that come to the wolf program gain learning and inspiration seeing a live wolf that it can be quite impacting. Handeling a wolf in to a classroom is no easy job. It takes a very patient and calm person to get the job done well. Surprisingly techniques that are used to communicate and train horses have significantly enhanced the way she works with wolves. “Traveling with grey wolves is one of the most challenging yet rewarding things I could have ever done”. “I have seen with my own eyes how much positive change these animals can inspire”. INSTINCT INTUITION------In her heart a deep connection to canines and horses an aware and unique person who possess strong instinctual and intuitive abilities with both animals. to listen to the animals and had the best success with them by approaching the animals with a very positive relaxed and natural movement. Through the use of body language with one of her first horses she honed in a mirroring skill was able to stop him from running from her when she went to halter him. By striving? She has developed an understanding of wolves & horses. Body language and mirroring the animal to help her develop her inner knowing.


Wolves have so much to teach us.  They are very similar to people, horses and more in their ways with family.  Wolves seem to communicate directly and straight out with one another.  An admirable quality.


Photo from the Smithsonian Magazine Tracy with her first wolf family teachers.

     Hello my name is Tracy Ane Brooks, welcome to my site!  This site is a prelude and introduction to the work I have done with gray wolves and horses for more then twenty five years.   A detailed book “A Walk in Connection” has been published and it is my wish that this book will help inspire a remembering of a seemingly ancient way to be natural with our animal friends.

Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to spend a few minutes reading and living vicariously through my writing, photography, art and videos.  

My partner Kent Weber and I helped to put wolf education on the map in the United States. Our “Ambassador Wolf Program” has traveled nation wide for twenty-five years educating the public about the gray wolf.  At home in Colorado with the tremendous help of countless, incredible volunteers and donors, we have built a very large captive wolf sanctuary and solar powered nature center.

With Gratitude,   Tracy