Reader’s Favorite Review Feedback “A WALK IN CONNECTION”

I found A Walk in Connection to be a simply amazing read, and one that I know I will find myself coming back to again and again over the years. Tracy’s experiences and her ability to share them with her readers are simply amazing and thought-provoking. For a person who loves animals anyway, this book definitely spurred my interest from the time I read the premise, but any reader would find a great deal to love about it. A Walk in Connection gets my very highest recommendation, and I would love to tell author Tracy Ane Brooks that she should continue writing about her experiences. A follow-up book to this great offering is definitely in order, and I certainly hope to see one in the very near


-Tracy Slowiak Reader’s Favorite Five Star Review

A Walk In Connection, is an engrossing account of the author’s decades-long work with wolves, wolf-dogs and horses. As someone with two canine companions, I was especially interested in the differences between wolves and their domesticated cousins, dogs, and loved reading about how Brooks discovered how to earn the wolves’ trust and, later on, devotion. Her descriptions of Mission: Wolf, the sanctuary she helped build and was a part of for over twenty years, are marvelous. Brooks is a gifted nature writer as well; one who can share her experiences with her audience with a timeless sense of immediacy. I felt as though I were there on that first day when she met Shaman and looked into his eyes for that moment, and that sense of being there continued on throughout my reading of her book. I also enjoyed that part of the story, which detailed her work with the two Percheron horses she later acquired, and the work she did with Ikus, who was a particular challenge for her. Brooks’ description of the techniques she used to eventually gain his trust and compliance show an intuitive and innate insight into animal behavior that is inspiring to say the least. A Walk In Connection is highly recommended.

-Jack Magnus Reader’s Favorite Five Star Review

A Walk In Connection by Tracy Ane Brooks provides great insight into the minds and behaviors of these shy, reclusive, intelligent, and highly perceptive creatures. I especially enjoyed reading about the various rivalries and dynamics that can develop in a wolf pack. It was also amazing to hear some of her encounters with wolves that almost made me question if wolves possess an intuition and intelligence beyond what we imagine. In the end, this book is not just about wolves, but also about the fact that essentially we all, humans and animals alike, share the same feelings and are capable of the same emotions. Hopefully, a book like this will go a long way towards developing compassion and respect for all animals and ending all forms of animal abuse and cruelty.

-Gisela Dixon Reader’s Favorite Five Star Review

I very much enjoyed A Walk in Connection. Author Tracy Ane Brooks has done a fantastic job in delivering her story in such a way that any reader, but especially those who love animals, will be completely enthralled. The descriptions of the inner lives of both animals and people are so genuine and insightful that it will often bring tears to readers’ eyes. Her knowledge of the lives of animals, especially those of Shaman and Ikus, and her descriptions of how the animals became her teachers are phenomenal. I highly recommend this book, and I hope that author Tracy Ane Brooks will continue to provide her readers with additional stories from her life and adventures in the future!

-Chris Fischer Reader’s Favorite Five Star Review

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