“A Walk In Connection” Author Tracy Ane Brooks

Merlin and Tracy © Shevaun WilliamsCOVER    LUCUS & TRACY BY KENT WEBER copyTracy Ane Brooks describes human-animal connection in new book
Author draws from 25 years’ experience, encourages readers to take ‘A Walk in Connection’
WESTCLIFFE, Colo. — Author Tracy Ane Brooks has made it her life’s work to help shy, feral wolves become comfortable in public venues. When she encountered a horse named Ikus, she began to listen to and learn from him, similarly to her study of wolves. Brooks’ new book on human-animal connection, “A Walk in Connection” (published by Balboa Press), helps readers better understand the intricacies of these interactions and how they differ between species like horses and wolves.

“A Walk in Connection” offers readers a comprehensive look at the methods Brooks uses to interact with nature and animals of different species. She narrates the different ways in which her body language and intuition had to change when she transitioned from working with wolves to working with horses.

“We are interconnected with the animals on our planet – far more than we understand – and we have the potential to simplify our interactions with them using calm, peaceful movements and energy,” Brooks says. “The need for force, abuse and breaking an animal’s spirit for the sake of control belongs in the past.”

Brooks spent more than 25 years studying human-animal interactions and presented wolves to television studio audiences and students. This knowledge and experience gave her a clearer perspective on the ways in which humans can assist feral or shy animals in interacting in public settings.

“To simply train animals is no longer enough,” Brooks asserts. “People are awakening to their own intuition with animals, and seeking heart-connected experiences – to trust and be trusted with and by their horses and canines.”

“A Walk in Connection”
By Tracy Ane Brooks
Hardcover | 5.5 x 8.5 in | 232 pages | ISBN 9781452598345
Softcover | 5.5 x 8.5 in | 232 pages | ISBN 9781452598321
E-Book | 232 pages | ISBN 9781452598338
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About the Author
Tracy Ane Brooks has walked wolves into schools, universities and museums like the Smithsonian Institute, through studio sets on the Today Show and Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood, and has presented them to countless audiences across the United States for more than 25 years. She has been instrumental in building Mission: Wolf, a captive wolf sanctuary in Colorado. After 10 years studying and working with wolves, she began to study horse whispering and mirroring.